HOURS:   7:30-9 Early Drop-off    9:00-4:00 School Day    4-5:30 After School Care

WELCOME to Bright Futures Preschool and Daycare, centrally located on the border of Redmond and Kirkland with a 10 minute drive to downtown Bellevue and Microsoft.  I have been a licensed childcare provider for the past 8 years and in “the business” for more than 10, BrightFutures is the perfect beginning for your little one’s first experience away from home.

I am now enrolling for the Summer 2017 and 2017-2018 Fall School and Daycare programs!

Finding the right preschool and daycare for your child can be a daunting task. I know, I have three of my own and well remember searching for just the right fit for my now 12, 8 and 4 year old!

I have created the best of many worlds here at Bright Futures. A preschool and daycare that attends to the individual needs of each child, that treasures and protects these precious years of childhood. With learning through creative play, theme-based activities, songs, arts and crafts, gardening and academic centers, phonics, math and science lessons,  I create a day of engagement, activity and rest, that nurtures and nourishes each child. Creativity and social skills are nurtured along with the development of fine and gross motor skills, reasoning and language acquisition.

Bright Futures Preschool Mission:

To offer an alternative to the large preschool and childcare centers, that provides top quality educational experiences with a small, cozy home-like, classroom environment. To nurture each child’s development  with warm and caring attention to their individual needs.

Bright Futures Preschool Philosophy:

Children are not small adults. They require age appropriate activities that nourish their healthy development. Each child is a unique individual to be treated with love, respect and compassion.


Bright Futures Preschool is a fully licensed in-home daycare that serves a small group of 8 preschoolers and infants for a supportive learning environment. Being licensed through Washington State Department of Early Learning means that the state has conducted a detailed background check, confirmed my training, reviewed my business practices, and the daycare space meets a long list of requirements. I shape each day to give the children a rhythm that allows them to be happy, comfortable and have fun while learning.


Parents, are you wondering what skills your child should have upon entering kindergarten?

We have a detailed list from Lake Washington School District available for our parents.  At Bright Futures Preschool we work on these skills to help your child be ready to enter kindergarten.  To give your child the best start it is recommended you also work on these skills with your child at home.  Periodically we will assess each child’s kindergarten skills and send an Assessment home to you for review.

Upon full-time enrollment and periodically during the year, assessment forms on various skills will be filled out for the children and given to the parents. It is simply an opportunity to see where we are; how far we’ve come, and know what skills need more attention. Preschool skills categories included: social/emotional development, art/crafts, social studies, reading readiness, writing, math readiness, music, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, science, health, involvement/working cooperatively with peers.  Children will be introduced to many skills during their preschool years. Mastery of these developmental skills will very from child to child, as some skills might be easily mastered, while others might take a little more time. Each child develops at an individual rate of growth.